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  • Dina Rahmawati

    1st winner of testimonial contest

    The first time I learned about an online brain training website from Indonesia that collaborates with foreign scientists I was immediately interested and signed up in Logisera. Especially the games in Logisera are develo read more...

  • Robin

    2nd winner of testimonial contest

    The ‘Sagan Interstellar Voyage’ is a very challenging game as it requires high concentration to calculate and remember, as well as the necessary speed thinking and decision making. Playing this game as much as possib read more...

  • Yoel Indra K.Rasman

    3rd winner of testimonial contest

    I think “Sagan Interstellar Voyage” is the most interesting game because it can train my focus and concentration on numbers as well as other things. The game helps me to pay more attention on details and assists in r read more...

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